Banana -Doll - Ultimate goal

Banana -Doll - Ultimate goal

* To develop a humanoid robot that is capable of physical and verbal interaction with man (consumer grade and Geek grade) and with realistic appearance and tactile feeling.

I R&D Plan

Goal attainment: Given the time and energy needed for one-time integral production, technical complexity, and the time-consuming technology accumulation, we deiced to iterate and upgrade the body part by part and then piece together steps leading to the complement of the whole body. Therefore, the overall technology consists of five major parts.

Note: During the whole process of design, we, bearing in mind the safety of man-machine interaction, ensure that the torque of the selected actuators is within the safe range and will not do any harm to the interactive objects.

Leg: A pair of flexible, lifelike foot structures kick off the upward iteration, which starts from the foot and ends with the completion of a pair of thighs with basic human movement;


Both arms: Featuring freely-moving arms and dexterous hands of gripping power, and capable of hugs, caresses, handshakes, and other movement.

 Head: Featuring a pretty face capable of vivid expression and natural eye contact;

 Torso: A skilful, hot body to fulfills your every fancy;

 Software: Like human soul, it enables Joi to imitate human emotions, understand your needs and soothe your feelings.


III. Current progress and next steps:

 Before the implementation of the over plan we first made a complete human structure to verify the feasibility of the project. (Insert pictures and videos);

  Since the formal implementation of the plan, we have now completed the first important part: the leg. A  perfect, movable foot has been made, followed by the gradual iteration of the leg, with a temperature function added that can be kept constant at the body temperature.

 We're working on the arms and the head, both of which currently involve the mechanical parts. We're trying to add flesh and skin to make it perfect. To our credit, we've installed two cameras in the eyes so that the robot can see and interact with you. The software part has completed the driving of all actuators and sensors, with the additional voice function to communicate with Joi.

 4. Our next work is to:

(1) Complete the appearance of the head and arms, as well as the blending of skeleton;

(2) Complete the design and production of the last important part of JOI, the torso, and piece the parts into a whole.

(3) Enhance software functions, make the machine girlfriend more emotional, and show different personalities to different users.

 I Difficulties and risks

 1. The mechanical structure and the skin will be separated in the joints;

  2. The process by which silica gel material is fused to a mechanical skeleton structure is extremely complex, requiring a lot of time for hands-on experiments to obtain the best solution.

 3. Customized services in terms of appearance are not available for all customers;

 4. The skin is made of food-grade silicone. Due to the material properties and the increased movement time during use, the life span will be shorter than that of the static model.

 5. To make it lighter, some components are made of plastics, which are easy to be damaged under non-standard use.

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