Banana-Doll Simulation leg model

Banana-Doll Simulation leg model

Product description

Silicone human body model feet and legs, slender and beautiful leg models. Silicone foot model, built-in bones and clear foot bone texture, realistic visual conflict

▲ Realistic model of legs and feet, no matter what the appearance and texture are, just like real female legs, providing you with a real experience.
▲ As beautiful leg socks, such as beautiful stockings and beautiful legs, it will be a perfect substitute, you don't need to hire beautiful leg models at high prices.
▲ Natural blood color, virtual skin, built-in polymer material perfusion bone design, flexible fingers and kneecaps, showing more sense of movement.
▲ As a beautiful leg art collection, it is looking for more people who like beautiful legs and foot fetishes.
▲ As a foot display stand, such as anklets, throwing shoes, whether it is foot bones or sole texture, will be vivid.

Be applicable:
-Can be used as stage props, Halloween decorations, high-end tattoo shop decorations, interesting photography props, etc.


Material: high quality liquid silicone

Craft: 1:1 true replica model of outrigger

Weight: 3.5 kg (a beautiful pair of legs)

-Easy to clean and reuse: soft silicone material, well maintained, can clean the skin and restore skin texture.

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